Blueskurs „Intermediate“ ab 10. Oktober mit Rachel

Am 10. Oktober startet der nächste Intermediate-Blueskurs.


This autumn we will continue the themes we've been working on in the last year. We'll develop our ability to dance to all kinds of blues music by getting more comfortable with idiom dances. We'll also continue to play with changing the dynamics of our movement with leverage and compression.

Voraussetzungen: Idiom-Course and Leverage & Compression-Course;
or contact Rachel about private lessons if you weren't there but think you have most of what you need.

Wann: ACHTUNG, neue Zeit! Donnerstags, 19.00-20.00 Uhr

Wo? @Atelier

Termine: 10.10., 17.10., 24.10., 7.11., 14.11., 21.11., 5.12., 12.12.

Unkostenbeitrag: 85 € inkl. Social

Anmeldung ab sofort per Mail an blues(at) Bitte gebt an, ob Ihr führen oder folgen möchtet.