Rachel Cassandra kommt nach Stuttgart

Ab Februar bieten wir auch Blues Kurse für Fortgeschrittene an. Unterrichtet werden diese von Rachel, die aus den USA nach Stuttgart zieht. Sie hat Erfahrung im Blues unterrichten, ein paar Infos und Videos findet ihr hier.

Rachel got her first taste of blues dancing in 2007 as it started to infiltrate lindy hop events. Early classes with Mike Leggett, Dave Madison, and Tina Davis whetted her appetite, but it wasn't till 2011 that she dived in and started traveling all over the USA. Pretty soon she was going to multiple blues-exclusive events a year, taking classes from the best in the country. While she rarely competes, she placed first in the Jack 'n' Jill at Israel's Feeling Blues in 2013 and was in the final 6 followers at Bambloozled 2013.


Rachel uses her skills as a trained educator to share with others what she loves about blues dancing. She is particularly good at breaking down technique so that you can take everything you've learned in her classes right onto the social floor. For more information go to:




www.youtube.com/watch />v=MiEGuGhKGzo